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Why this website is developed?



I wrote since last many years to government authorities, CM , PM , Presidents of India etc. about my harassment due to outdated laws , systems and inhuman behaviour of almost all Government concerned Officers-Lawyers etc.

It is sad to say that nobody from concerned government authorities never taken the note of important subject matters and never tried to change the laws and systems as per suggestions given to them time to time. Which shows clearly that the people in power, judiciary systems and Officers, does not understand the very base of laws and nobody loves to the people of their nation. Their ego and greediness is a basic problem.

I think for the whole world, The Laws and Procedures / Systems should be about 90% similar, so I would like to suggest new Laws in details for the whole world. I am trying to give message through my efforts to all the people of the world who are in power, judiciary systems and who are in religious leadership also. Their all acts should be based on humanity and it is only possible if they really start loving people. And for which only meditation helps .

To make the people aware of whole world about the present Laws and about my thinking I am trying to send the important messages time to time , to them through this web site


Our fore father were relious, truth worthy and hardworking. We are educated family. My father Worked hard and was very religious. I also worked daily 16 hours since my age of 18 till age of 50 and worked 12 hours daily into this age of 65.

My father was student of first batch of F.C. College Pune and after his B.COM he started his timber saw mill business in 1948. My father Mr. Ramlalji K. pungaliya and my uncle Advocate Umedmalji k Pungaliya were freedom fighters.

Sant Dnyaneshwara translate lord krishna's Geeta from Sanskrit into Marathi poetic language in his days so that people can understan what really religiousness and love means and at the end of his writings he wrote " Pasayadan" in which he is demanding from god in his prayer many things for the people of the world who have forgotten the god and relegiousness .

Jesus christ says about the people who crucified him that "O God forgive them as they are not aware about their acts and they do not know what they are doing", So thus love only the way to make a man free from his crualness.